All About Ceramic Cookware

All About Ceramic Cookware

Perhaps you’ve decided it's time to upgrade your kitchenware. Maybe you’ve heard your friends rave about their new ceramic stew pot at a dinner party. Either way, the interest in ceramic cookware is warranted given all its advantages. It’s the perfect tool in your kitchen to cook up nice weekend dinners for the family or a quick meal for a weekday lunch. 

But before investing in any kitchenware, you want to evaluate your options based on certain criteria. Is ceramic cookware durable? Is it safe to use? How versatile is it? Here’s our breakdown of the benefits of ceramic cookware.  


  • It’s the healthier cookware option.
  • Ceramic cookware is made of metal materials with a ceramic coating. This ceramic coating provides the pots and pans with a non-stick surface. Unlike stainless steel and Teflon non-stick cookware, ceramic cookware is free of chemicals called PTFE and PFO. 

    These chemicals can be toxic and harmful to our health, leading to headaches, chills and more. Since ceramic is naturally slick, no added chemicals are needed to achieve this feature. It’s safe to say that ceramic cookware can truly make a difference in your health.

    1.     It’s heat efficient

    Given the nature of ceramic cookware, you might save some money on your electrical bills. Ceramic can retain heat much better than your traditional aluminum and stainless steel pots. This means that you won’t have to cook your food for long. 

    Additionally, ceramic allows even distribution of heat across your pots and pans. This ensures that food cooks evenly. If you plan on cooking quick meals, ceramic cookware can withstand high heat temperatures as well. 

    1.     It’s easier to clean

    Cleaning gets easier when you use ceramic pots and pans for everyday cooking. The smooth and non-porous texture of the ceramic coatings allows you to remove any food and scraps with one simple swipe. Better yet, the smooth service prevents foods and oil from clinging to your pots and pans. 

    While ceramic cookware can be dishwasher friendly, we recommend hand-washing your cookware to avoid potential chipping and damage. Given how easy it is to clean, you can cut down on your dish cleaning time!

    1.     It’s very durable

    You can count on your ceramic cookware to last you several years with proper use. To ensure you make the most out of your investment, always use silicone or wooden cooking utensils with your ceramic pots or pans and avoid stacking them in storage.

    This prevents scratching or damage to the inner surface. At FIKA, we took it a step further and added our new Xtrema coating to improve durability and non-stick performance. 


    1. Can be on the Costly-Side

    Along with the benefits of using ceramic cookware, there is also a reason behind its high cost. Ceramic is one of the most expensive types of cookware due to the materials used and the process to create it. 

    The ceramic coating, which is featured on all ceramic cookware, ensures heat distribution and is free from heavy metals. It is a high-quality product that requires extra care when manufacturing, which is why when you look at the quality and benefits that it brings into your kitchen, they are worth every single cent. 

    1. Needs more care

    In contrast to ceramic cookware being easier to clean, it comes with the need for more care. Ceramic cookware can lose its non-stick qualities a lot faster if not appropriately maintained. As a result, it is essential to make sure you are avoiding overheating, cleaning with a dishwasher, and cooking with metallic utensils. 

    However, due to its unique coating properties, it is not too arduous! 

    FIKA offers a wide variety of ceramic pots and pans that will become your go-to cooking tools. You can check out our website and explore our collection. So if you’re ready to take your cookware and cooking experience to another level, investing in quality ceramic kitchenware may be your best choice.