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Our Story

 "FIKA" is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. It is the delightful custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat with friends and family. Fundamentally, it is about taking a break to relax and recharge with loved ones over a meal. Inspired by this notion, FIKA cookware aims to bring comfort and convenience to your daily life. With the tagline “Less but Better”, this minimalist line of cookware is designed to make your mealtimes a breeze.

This multi-award winning cookware has a luxurious feel and yet is quite minimalist and natural in it's look. FIKA is made with manufacturing process that is efficient and uses significantly less energy that other methods, being more sustainable and climate conscious. The body of each FIKA pan or pot is made from a single mould and the manufacturing process ensures that each pan conducts heat evenly for quick and efficient cooking.

Moreover, each pan has a thick bottom base and thinner walls to draw the heat from the centre to the wall. This ensures that heat gets evenly distributed to the top of the pan - not just concentrated on the bottom.

Owner Story

About 3 years ago Tsitsi in an effort to address hormonal imbalances embarked on a quest to cook more healthy and getting rid of as many plastics and chemicals that she came into contact with. That started the journey of looking for the right cookware that would not leach harmful chemicals into the food being cooked, and that she would enjoy using as cooking was going to be happening way more often. She tried out lots and watched lost of reviews online and when she came across FIKA in 2020 it was love at first site. It was just difficult to get hold of outside of South Korea. A few people were looking for it and voila, the journey of being an official distributor of Neoflam's FIKA line began. And with it a hope to get more people cooking healthy food and enjoying it. Cook with FIKA will not only give you the right tools, we will talk recipes and healthy cooking as well. And also hoping that it would not be hard to clan and was non-stick.

We believe in the power of a home-cooked meal and are redefining what it means to cook at home. It is not just about the food that you put in your body, but also about the pots and pans you put your food into. By making use of FIKA’s eco-friendly, non-stick cookware, you can enjoy everything the kitchen has to offer whilst simultaneously minimizing your environmental impact. Designed to make cooking and cleaning so much easier, FIKA cookware was crafted to kindle an appetite for healthy living, in support of a sustainable future.

We look forward to helping you build the perfect cookware collection for your kitchen.

German Design Award Winner 2021

"The combination of a clear, purist design vocabulary and natural materials makes this set absolutely timeless and so decorative that, it is sure to fit in well with many modern kitchen facilities and will make you want to put it out on the table. A fantastic set that will impress you with both form and function."

Red Dot winner 2020

"This cookware series is characterised by a balanced design language showcasing a keen sense of colours. The use of natural materials is also impressive."

IF Design World Award 2020

"The sophora handle, ceramic coating made of natural mineral, and silicone rim constitute entirely natural materials. Also, the non-stick ceramic coating and solid sophora handle take user convenience into account."