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We believe that healthy cooking starts with healthy cookware. So we pride ourselves in bringing you multi-award winning, eco-friendly, safe cookware that will make you excited to cook.

Less But Better


    FIKA cookware is made without PFOA, PTFE, lead, cadmium and other hazardous substances. We are all about clean cooking and preventing harmful chemicals from infiltrating your food.


    The extrema coating enhances the non-stick power, and the triple ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy. Spend less time doing dishes and more time on the things that truly matter.


    The seamless connection between the body tones, glass lids and wooden handles bring a natural lightness that complements any home. The design is as functional in the kitchen as it is appealing on the dining table.

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What is "fika"?

"Fika" is the delightful custom of taking in and enjoying the little things in life, such as enjoying a coffee with friends. It's about taking a break to relax and recharge with loved ones over a meal.

Inspired by this notion, FIKA cookware aims to bring comfort and
convenience to your daily life.

Learn about the cookware, awards and manufacturing process.

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