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Features & Materials

  • New Xtrema™ / EcolonTM coating made from natural sand, stone and silica.
  • Improved durability, scratch resistance and nonstick performance.
  • Contains NO PFOA, PTFE's, PFA's, lead, cadmium, antimony, or any other heavy metals and hazardous materials!
  • No hard anodisation.
  • Convenient and easy to use due to its lightweight and thermal efficiency.
  • For use with all heat sources: induction, electric, gas, and radiant.
  • Premium quality - the cookware is manufactured locally in Korea
  • Designed beautifully - with handles made of real wood (feels great & sturdy in your hands).
  • You can also use these cooking pans into the oven (up to 250°C/550°F heat).
  • Each pan/pot has a thick bottom base and thinner walls to draw the heat from the centre to the wall. This ensures that heat gets evenly distributed to the top of the pan - not just concentrated on the bottom.

100% Authentic and Official Neoflam Product

Material: Single Mould Aluminium Die Casting

Coating: Ceramic