Safety of Ceramic Cookware

Safety of Ceramic Cookware

Several decades after ceramic pots and pans were introduced to the market, their popularity gradually rose all over the world. Many have used this type of cookware before and often turn to it for an easy alternative in the kitchen. However, one question has remained unanswered ever since their introduction to the market: Is it safe to use?
The short answer: Yes.
When selecting cookware for your kitchen, it is critical to understand the hazards associated with each type of cookware and choose which is the safest cookware for you. Today, we are going to further explore the safety of ceramic cookware and help you feel confident about purchasing a set of cookware from FIKA.

Ceramic Cookware: The Basics

Ceramic cookware is made of clay that has been kiln-baked at high temperatures, rendering the quartz sand surface effectively nonstick.
It is one of the best and safest alternatives available, because it is composed entirely of natural ingredients, is non-toxic, and will not chip or peel off into your food.
Compared to other cookware alternatives, 100% ceramic cookware is one of the safest and healthiest options.

Unlike stainless steel and Teflon non-stick cookware, ceramic cookware is free of chemicals called PTFE and PFO. When cooking your food, ceramic cookware does not leach or emit potentially harmful fumes.
There have also been cases where ceramic coatings can leak onto your food when cooking. This is not the case with 100% ceramic cookware from FIKA.
The inherently slippery ceramic coating allows for no additional chemicals to be required in order to produce potentially harmful fumes. As a result, ceramic cookware is an excellent choice for non-toxic cookware.

Eco-Friendly & Longlasting
Ceramic clay contains mineral bodies that come from the ground. The inorganic composition of ceramic cookware makes it a more environmentally friendly product. As a result of ceramic cookware being composed of this compound, all-ceramic cookware can endure a lifetime or more.
Along with the eco-friendly benefits, ceramic cookware is known for its durability. With regular care, you can expect your ceramic cookware to survive for many years. At FIKA, we took it a step further and added our new Xtrema coating to improve durability and non-stick performance.
Less Heat, Better Food
Ceramic cookware retains heat significantly better than other cookware options, which means you won’t have to worry about overcooking your food.
This is due to its inorganic composition, which has ceramic cookware being heat resistant up to 450 degrees celsius. To compare, Teflon and comparable coatings will break down after 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This not only protects food nutrients but also extends the life of your cookware appliance.
FIKA’s Choice
Whether you're just starting out with your new kitchen or an experienced home cook wanting to replace your existing equipment, it is important to select a cookware set that is the best option for your healthy kitchen.
In the end, ceramic cookware has been crowned one of the safest and healthiest cookware alternatives.
At FIKA, we care about healthy cooking. Check out our extensive range of ceramic pots and pans on our website, where you are bound to find something that suits your taste.